My Warmth When I’m Cold

My Warmth When I’m Cold

Look at me, look at me
Oh Lord look at me
I am cold, my hands shakin’
How long will it last?

Remember me, remember me
In my coldest hours, Lord remember me
I am freezing, my lips tremblin’
How long shall I endure?

If faith can move the mountain
Let my faith be warmth to me
When I’m cold, in need of hold
Let my faith be warmth to me

Alone I sit in the cold
Fingers intertwined, eyes that are closed
In surrender I humbly pray,
“Lord have mercy on me, have mercy on me.”

Oh Lord I ask for strength
And with compassionate love, You look at me
In my coldness You covered me
And warmth You have given me.

If faith can move the mountain
Let my faith be warmth to me
When I’m cold, in need of hold
Let my faith be warmth to me

In my coldness You covered me.
My warmth when I’m cold.

I could have died

It’s a poem I made last Sunday morning. Well, I thought I was dying–again. The last time I felt like I was dying was when I was seventeen years old, when I got a severe asthma attack and a serious fever and cough. Last Sunday, when I was travelling from my hometown to Davao, was the fourth time already in which I could have died. For what reason? Too much coldness I couldn’t endure.

Sunday morning, I’ve got to wake up early at dawn and travel back to Davao via bus transportation. I traveled alone for the first time at dawn. And honestly, it was my mistake because I didn’t listen to Mom when she said I should wear pants instead of shorts, I was confident that it wasn’t necessary. I wanted to wear a comfy shorts. Well, partial obedience is not obedience, indeed.

Anyway, everything was all right at the first few minutes on my travel.  I was soundly sleeping on my seat, until I’ve got to wake up because my face was so stiff, my jaw was also stiff–I was freezing in cold! It was dawn, the bus was air-conditioned, and I was sitting alone on the seat! I was wearing a windbreaker jacket and it didn’t help at all–plus, I was wearing shorts and I didn’t wear socks under my shoes. I don’t wear socks, actually.

The travel was approximately four hours, with one-stop only (which was two or more hours from now), and I was getting colder every minute. I didn’t have enough sleep that night, thus, my body was sensitive to environment. I ate a meal before I traveled, and I regretted that I did, because it made me want to vomit! I was very, very cold and I tried warming myself up by rubbing my face and my hands–and oh, I could vomit at any time by now–I wasn’t feeling any well at all.

I ended up covering my face with my two hands to keep it warm, but my hands itself were turning stiff in the cold, and the cold was slowly piercing my chest that it affected the beating of my heart–by now I was quite afraid that I might get an asthma attack due to nervousness and coldness. I wanted to say to the bus driver to make a stop so I could get out, or to plead them to turn the air-condition lower, yet my lips couldn’t even bare to open. And I was like, “Alright. I’m dying. This is a nice way of dying, isn’t it.” I said to myself.

But I was prompted with a desire not to get dead in any way, and said to myself, “Hey, I won’t die yet. How about the ministry I’m in, I’ve barely started yet. No, I won’t die yet. The Lord is with me. The Lord is with me. The Lord is with me.” I kept repeating those words to myself, that even though I was melting like a snow, I wasn’t anymore worried because the Lord is with me. But even then, I was still cold, so I looked out to the bus window and thought, “Lord, please look at me. I’m cold, I think I’m freezing to death.”

The cold was too much for my body to endure. I looked at the other passengers, they were all sleeping, what now? My faith was all that I have, so I looked out to the windows, rubbing my hands, and kept on praying to the Lord: “Lord, if faith can move the mountains, let my faith be warmth to me.” I kept repeating those words as I kept on enduring the cold. My faith was all that I have, and I comforted myself that my faith in Him could become my warmth in the midst of the cold. It kept that way for several minutes, yet it felt like it was some hours.

Later on, my hands were no longer stiff, and miraculously, I was starting to get warm. I felt like there was a warm air circling around me, it warmed my freezing cheeks, my stifled jaw, and on my lips were some tears from my crying eyes–I was praising God. Essentially, I did cry. I was soooooooo craving for warmth!

If faith can move the mountains, let my faith be warmth to me.

I ended up praising God on my lips, and because I was so amazed at the warmth that the Lord has given me, the poem was created. I was still on the bus when I wrote it, I saved it on my phone. Well, some hours after that, when I got out of the bus, I felt like there was a refreshing journey which had welcomed me again here on this city–Davao.

The poem is not only limited to COLD environment, alright. It can be as follows:

  • COLD–having or being a temperature that is uncomfortably cold for humans
  • COLD–marked by the lack of the warmth of normal human emotion, friendliness, or compassion
  • COLD–depress or gloomy
  • COLD–indifferent or detached

Points to ponder:

  • Never ignore your mother’s travel tips.
  • Never limit what your faith can do
  • Always trust in the Lord

My Divine Savior

Photo credits to owner.

Photo credits to owner.

My Divine Savior

Lord and Savior,
Prince of Peace
At the mention of Thy name,
My hands tremble in faith to Thee,
My lips quiver at Thy righteousness
Knees down, humbled at Thy presence.

Holy, holy, holy
King of kings,
my Divine Savior.
Forgive this creature,
I beseech Thee.
Renewed at Thy mercy.

Why “My Divine Savior?”

My fourth entry to my Fifty Words collection, a writing challenge from the Daily Post. This time the entry is my personal perspective and other Christians too, uhm, some of the words can actually be found in the scriptures: Lord and Savior, Prince of Peace, you know, they’re biblical–Isaiah 9:6, Philippians 3:20 for references. I did just make a fifty-words poem based on a Christian faith.

Well, I’m a Christian, and because I am, I follow Christ. I know that no one could save me except Christ alone, and thus, he is not only a Lord that I follow but a Savior who rescued me from my sinful nature. I’m not a perfect Christian (no one is) who doesn’t have struggles, but in times of desperate situations, of worldly perils, the Lord is above all my Prince of Peace. Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, helps me organize my emotions and struggles in a way that I will find JOY in the end of the day. Yes, hurt and pain is inevitable in life, it is part of it, but then again–

He who dwells in the shelter of Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refugee, and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms 91:1-2

There are situations too that I make actions that would hurt the Lord, or offend Him. Because even in a simple white lie, I sinned. Christians are not perfect. But the best thing to be in the Lord Jesus Christ is that we are convicted whenever we commit wrong, and in this conviction, we will be led to repentance. Day by day we are renewed.

But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, saying that his Christ would suffer.  Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, (Acts 3:18-19)

Therefore, we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. (2 Corinthians 4:16)

I Am What I See: a Poem



I am one who is full of thoughts
Curiosity behind my eyes
I think but do not know.

I say what is heard,
I do what is observed,
I am what I see.

Teach me,
Please guide the ‘little me’,
Help me grow the way you want me to be!

Why “I Am What I See?”

My third entry to Fifty Words–click the link to know more about the Fifty Words. This is a child’s perspective of whom he/she is. As a child, they are full of curiosity and their imagination is playfully wild.

The first stanza displays a kid’s description of himself. They think a lot and observe a lot, and every little thing is a curiosity to them. They think, yes, but they don’t know a lot in a context that they could not understand everything, unless a parent or someone older than them would explain things for them.

The second stanza is a continuation of a child’s description of himself. Whatever they hear, whether good or bad, is something that they would apply to themselves–all because they heard it from the environment. They say what they heard, and they do what they observe. Basically speaking, they are what they see.

The third stanza speaks of a child’s pleading to the adults, essentially the parents, to teach them the ways of how things should be in their lives. This speaks of guidance from the adults. Children need the discipline, guidance, and protection from their parents to help them grow into mature adults that their parents want them to be.

Proverbs 22:6 ”Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

I wrote an article about children some time ago. If you want to read it, you can refer to this link below.

Children: They Are What They See

You’re Not a Switch

faith in Christ

Photo Credits to Owner

You’re not a switch. Your love and zeal for Christ is not something to be turned on and off, on and on, then off again. It must always be on and never be off.

If you’re a Christian, then this post is something you have to consider reading. I’m not going to force this insight to everyone though, because it might be true to someone but not to some, however, this is worth a cent.

As a Christian, I realized that my faith in Christ is something that is not to be compromised just because of the wavering situations that I’m facing in life. There are times I’m loaded with great blessings that I didn’t expect of, and in moments like this, I am always thankful to God, and that my love for Him is so great that I couldn’t contain.

However, when I’m faced with sudden perils, of sudden issues and pressures I couldn’t seem to handle, I often noticed that my faith in Christ is not the same as my faith in Him when I’m experiencing His blessings. This, of course, is not healthy for a Christian’s heart. I admit that I am guilty of this myself, that I’m not always consistent of my love for Christ, and yet, the Lord himself is always consistent of His love for me.

Christians shouldn’t base their faith in Christ according to their situations in life. Whether you are experiencing good times or bad times, it mustn’t be the reason to doubt God’s love. We’re Christians and we’re highly intellectual beings, we’re not a switch thing that can be switched on and off whenever we like it.

I’m not a switch. My love and zeal for Christ is not something to be turned on and off, on and on, then off again. It must always be on and never be off. And yet there are times that I wanted to run away from God and from His calling, but then again, I just couldn’t run away! I couldn’t run away from Him because I know how much He has changed my life–and that everything around me is a proof of His existence. Saying that “Hey, God, You’re good to me yesterday, why aren’t You good to me today?” is such a big slap to my face.

We are not born again just to compromise our faith in Christ, are we? As a Christian myself, I must keep in mind that my faith in Christ is not a switch. What about you? Is your faith a switch?