I Am What I See: a Poem



I am one who is full of thoughts
Curiosity behind my eyes
I think but do not know.

I say what is heard,
I do what is observed,
I am what I see.

Teach me,
Please guide the ‘little me’,
Help me grow the way you want me to be!

Why “I Am What I See?”

My third entry to Fifty Words–click the link to know more about the Fifty Words. This is a child’s perspective of whom he/she is. As a child, they are full of curiosity and their imagination is playfully wild.

The first stanza displays a kid’s description of himself. They think a lot and observe a lot, and every little thing is a curiosity to them. They think, yes, but they don’t know a lot in a context that they could not understand everything, unless a parent or someone older than them would explain things for them.

The second stanza is a continuation of a child’s description of himself. Whatever they hear, whether good or bad, is something that they would apply to themselves–all because they heard it from the environment. They say what they heard, and they do what they observe. Basically speaking, they are what they see.

The third stanza speaks of a child’s pleading to the adults, essentially the parents, to teach them the ways of how things should be in their lives. This speaks of guidance from the adults. Children need the discipline, guidance, and protection from their parents to help them grow into mature adults that their parents want them to be.

Proverbs 22:6 ”Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

I wrote an article about children some time ago. If you want to read it, you can refer to this link below.

Children: They Are What They See

You’re Not a Switch

faith in Christ

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You’re not a switch. Your love and zeal for Christ is not something to be turned on and off, on and on, then off again. It must always be on and never be off.

If you’re a Christian, then this post is something you have to consider reading. I’m not going to force this insight to everyone though, because it might be true to someone but not to some, however, this is worth a cent.

As a Christian, I realized that my faith in Christ is something that is not to be compromised just because of the wavering situations that I’m facing in life. There are times I’m loaded with great blessings that I didn’t expect of, and in moments like this, I am always thankful to God, and that my love for Him is so great that I couldn’t contain.

However, when I’m faced with sudden perils, of sudden issues and pressures I couldn’t seem to handle, I often noticed that my faith in Christ is not the same as my faith in Him when I’m experiencing His blessings. This, of course, is not healthy for a Christian’s heart. I admit that I am guilty of this myself, that I’m not always consistent of my love for Christ, and yet, the Lord himself is always consistent of His love for me.

Christians shouldn’t base their faith in Christ according to their situations in life. Whether you are experiencing good times or bad times, it mustn’t be the reason to doubt God’s love. We’re Christians and we’re highly intellectual beings, we’re not a switch thing that can be switched on and off whenever we like it.

I’m not a switch. My love and zeal for Christ is not something to be turned on and off, on and on, then off again. It must always be on and never be off. And yet there are times that I wanted to run away from God and from His calling, but then again, I just couldn’t run away! I couldn’t run away from Him because I know how much He has changed my life–and that everything around me is a proof of His existence. Saying that “Hey, God, You’re good to me yesterday, why aren’t You good to me today?” is such a big slap to my face.

We are not born again just to compromise our faith in Christ, are we? As a Christian myself, I must keep in mind that my faith in Christ is not a switch. What about you? Is your faith a switch?

Several Times: Into the Poem

I’m not a blind person. And we don’t have anyone in the family who is suffering blindness that might inspire me to write a poem for blind people. I know, however, what it’s like to be blind, what it’s like to see darkness instead of light–not because I am experiencing it but because I have my sentiments for them. Yes, I couldn’t really know their feelings, but my sympathy is with them. Disabled or not, talented or not, rich or not, everyone is being loved by God. Below is my second entry to Fifty Words from the Daily Post, entitled, “Several Times” first published on the Daily Post.

Several times I blink my eyes,
there is beauty I couldn’t see,
there is love they couldn’t give.

Several times I craved for light,
Only darkness engulfs my sight.
There is pain behind cruelty,
and there is pity behind disability

One time I asked for mercy,
This Mercy found me.

What is Fifty Words?

First, of all, you might wonder what’s with the “Fifty Words” thing. Alright, Fifty Words is a writing challenge from the Daily Post, every week they throw a challenge for writers to write. Fifty Words, from the name itself, is a writing challenge that prompts the writers to write anything (poems, flash fiction, or even a lyrical) for FIFTY WORDS, not less, not more–exactly fifty words! Often times, I participate in this kind of challenge, especially when I’m experiencing a writer’s block where I couldn’t write anything even if I wanted to. Taking part of this writing challenge stimulates my brain, and words would flow like a wild river, ideas stir like a whirlwind hurricane. Now, the challenge is that how will you come up with a story, a poem, or a flash fiction using only fifty words!!! Brilliant.

Why “Several Times?”

I have a special feeling for disabled people, just as I have with the children and the poor, that is a fact, in which sometimes I tried to hide but have been keeping within me since time immemorial. When I was prompted with the Fifty Words challenge, my second entry was inspired by blind people, thought suddenly came into mind like “What if I’m blind? Would it hinder me from writing? Would people think I’m a burden?”

Consequently, I tried picturing the world of a blind person. I came up with the thought that they’ve been blinking their eyes several times, and yet, darkness is all they could see. They couldn’t see the beauty in the world, and often times they don’t receive sincere love from the people around them–thus I came up with the first stanza. People who aren’t blind, like me, have been blessed with able eyes, and yet sometimes we use our eyes to commit sins.

The second stanza of the poem displays the blind person’s longing for light. It’s not only for physical aspect, but a perspective of a blind person longing for attention, of love and acceptance, of guidance. It displays the disabled person’s pain and loneliness, and his or her bothersome feeling when it comes to pity. Disabled persons are often misjudged, discouraged, and limited from works due to their physical defect–the more they are being pitied at, the more they feel disabled–unused.

The final stanza of the poem is the blind person’s breakthrough in life. He was tired of his “several times” from the world, and yet one time, just one time he asked for mercy from above and his seeking desire was answered. Mercy, in this context, is the Lord Jesus Christ who has found him long before he asked–it displays the waiting of Jesus for His child to ask for Him. The final stanza also portrays the grace of God that is sufficient enough for every weakness, and for every pain.

2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

So, that explains my “Several Times” poem. What about you, do you have the feeling called “love” for disabled people?


The Big Fire in Davao

The Big Fire in Davao

Recently, there was a big fire in Davao City, the current city where I live in. It happened last April 4, 2014 around 8pm, a Friday night. I received a text message from my friend, Christine (the person behind this letter) saying that her mother’s house got into fire; it was burned up, turned into gray ashes in just few minutes. And the boarding house she was staying at was almost, almost got consumed. I was shocked upon reading her text: she needed our prayers. I was glad, however, that she was still physically fine, but emotionally quite not. I texted her comforting and encouraging words, and in the next day, I visited her, together with our mutual friend, Sheila.


The photo above is the current remnant of the houses that were burnt out from the fire. As far as I have known, more than 400 houses were completely damaged–totally burnt out. They said that two old couple died, weren’t able to get out from their house. I took this photo myself, and the place where I stood in taking the picture, was the very place of Christine’s boarding house platform.


In the photo above, the cemented house in the right was Christine’s boarding house, and I was really, really, really amazed that it wasn’t consumed by the fire, seeing that everything was burnt out in the NEAR neighborhood.

When I asked her, “Where is your boarding house?” She said, “That,” she meant the house in the right. My initial reaction was totally dumbfounded, my eyes widened towards her, “Whoa! God is great, Christine! The house remained standing, it wasn’t consumed by the fire, despite everything outside!”

“Yes, yes, God is amazing.” She replied with a smile. I was happy in a way, because despite what happened in their barangay, she could still bring out a smile. I could see it from her that she was really appreciating God’s mighty works in her life, that despite what happened, God is still in control.

“Mom’s house was burnt out though.” She added. “But we managed to bring out the important things.”

“Christine, God has protected you and your family.” Sheila said to her. And we all smiled to each other, because we know that Sheila was right. After taking some pictures, we went inside her boarding house and talked with her some more encouraging words.

big fire in davao

The left side of this image was where Christine’s mother’s house stood–everything turned to ashes. No one from their family was harmed though, praise the Lord! Now, Christine’s mother and her family relocated to Samal Islands. Christine didn’t leave the boarding house because she’s still studying in the city.

My friend Christine, despite the fire and the immediate trauma she encountered because of it, STILL has found comfort, encouragement, peace, and protection from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I know it’s quite awkward if I say that I’m happy despite the fire, but yes, I am happy because Christine and her family is safe. But I am also feeling sorry for those people who have lost greatly from the fire, which is why, help me pray for them, for those affected families. May the Lord’s comfort, peace, wisdom, protection and love be upon them!

Below are some of the photos I took personally with my camera. The children’s smile made me smile, too.