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Jenine U Silos, EzineArticles Basic Author“As a Christian, we need to die every day for Christ because we do not live for ourselves any longer. And because we’re humans just like everybody else, we are in a constant struggle. But in our struggles we become stronger in the LORD.” — JENINE SILOS
She writes for a cause: to spread the love of God and to show her love towards God. She’s a Christian, not only a believer but a follower of Christ, and is currently residing in Davao City. She received Jesus Christ as her LORD and Savior at the age of 18, she stumbled, but she returned back to Christ at 19 where she completely surrendered everything to Him and decided to live for Jesus. She’s turning 21 this coming November. She’s currently under the Care Group Ministry at Maranatha Family Church together with her older sister, Mitch.
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