The Case of Positive Crime

 The Case of Positive Crime

A Novel by Jenine Silos

Genre: Mystery, Action, Realistic Fiction

Book Summary:

The year is 2080. It is a month after the “Rapture”  as the Christian people call it. The business world is disturbed and the world is in total chaos. While the U.S government and its allied countries are pursuing the One World Government, Christendom Query, a diligent businessman, Lord of Skenfrith, has been forced to travel back to the islands of Philippines to manage his company’s branch that have gone chaotic.

When Positive Crime, the Philippines’ mysterious detective, blackmailed the Philippines’ President not to sign up the Unified Movement, Christendom wakes up the following day having to meet his greatest nightmare. His business empire in Wales was closed down by the New Government, and much to his surprise, he couldn’t go back to his own country!!! He’ll get killed if he does.

Trapped in the Philippines’ country, Christendom is now in the pursuit of finding out who Positive Crime is – – – the detective behind all this mess!

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