The Covenant

The Covenant

The Covenant

A novel based on a true story.

By: Jenine Silos

Book Summary:

Having an innate illness, Nameh Gamorra struggles in her everyday life. She has an exceptionally loving family, but she tends not to say anything to them, even when she’s got an attack, she wouldn’t tell them. Figthing alone the pressures around her, she gets easily irritated, angered and sad. Because she is sick and weak, her parents tolerated her more than her siblings, and ended up spoiled.

She grew up and became an introvert person. To socialize and mingle in with people she doesn’t know is hard for her. Lots of things she couldn’t do, and lots of things she has violated. Her attitude is something she herself couldn’t understand.

Until one day she got a serious attack…but all of it she had had enough. So when she decided not to survive, her mother cried and prayed to God. There was something in her heart that time, something she could not understand, so then and there she had realized she still wanted to live…and so she formed a covenant with God!

Chapter 1

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