Multitasking, The Danger


Written by: Jenine Silos


Merriam-Webster.Com defines it as: the performance of multiple tasks at one time.

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We Filipinos are known as one of those multitasking persons, most of us, realistically. I think that explains why almost half of my fellow citizens are working as OFWs outside the country. I speak no wrong about it, however, I do believe that one of the major reasons why Filipinos are still in the midst of financial crisis is also rooted to this simple word–multitasking. Well, I do believe multitasking is a dangerous zone for yourself if you are not able to control it. Sometimes even, you have indulged yourself in many tasks without realizing that you have gone too far–too much that your body can’t actually handle. You heard me right. But somehow, and in some place, many have failed to notice it. We work so hard to earn money, until we get seriously ill because our body can endure no more. What happens next? We use the money we earned to pay for the hospital bills–our expenses are even two times the money we earned!

Some consequences of multitasking:

  • Stress
  • Inhibition of Creative Ability
  • Inability to Problem Solve
  • Slower Thinking

Even if we can handle multiple tasks at one time, or if we have the skills to pursue them, we still have to consider to take care the temple of the Holy Spirit–our body.

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

People who do overtime, those who work in consecutive period without taking rest are most preferably the ones who easily get sick. They’re easily prone to viruses and strong bacteria because their immune systems are weak, all of us know about it. Right? But because we, people as we are, we are so focused to make the ends meet; thus we have to work hard and harder until we have lost sight to our primary purpose in life, that is–to PLEASE, WORSHIP and SERVE the LORD our God!

As a Christian, we have to be very careful in whatever we do, since we have to put it in our minds that we do not live for ourselves–we LIVE to PLEASE God, not to please our neighbors. And thus, we have to consider to take care of our body. Too much work will slowly kill us physically, emotionally, and much worst to our spiritual life. I have thought of this because, just like what I mentioned earlier, when we work simultaneously (just for the sake of our fleshly desires) then we would slowly and gradually LOST our primary FOCUS in LIFE–to please, worship, and serve the LORD our God. Why? Because we have busied ourselves in too much hard work! It usually starts with waking up early in the morning, bearing in mind that we have lots of things to do, so we tend to hurry–to read the Word of God will not even sink into our minds, see?

What is the use of multitasking when we cannot even read the Word of God? I see this as the start of danger in our spiritual life, because as a Christian, we should not overlook this case. The danger zone? It is when you start thinking of completing the tasks before anything else! Because we then prioritize the human works before God! Uh-uh, sounds very dangerous to me.

If we are multitasking persons, then we could at least use it for the  glorification of God’s Kingdom and His name, however, we still have to remember that we have to take care of our body for it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We have to consider our earthly limitations. So that God can use us MORE to glorify Him and His Son, our only Lord and Savior–Jesus Christ.

There is danger behind these multiple tasks–because if this is left uncontrolled it will affect our daily walk with Christ Jesus. Multitasking will drain us out physically and emotionally when it is left uncontrolled, and sooner or later, it will affect our spiritual life. I hope you get the message!

In everything we do, we must be very careful.

If you are convicted by this message, then go and pray. Talk to our Loving Father, and let us repent our sins.

Prayer: LORD, please forgive me, for I have done so many works yesterday and today, without even realizing that I was not able to spend time with You. Help me oh Father, to love You more than any works that this world has to offer. In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen.

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