Why Sundays are Happy Days?


Written by: Jenine Silos

Once, a classmate asked me, her tone was suggesting deep curiosity, “Neen, you don’t usually hang out with us. Why is that?”

I just smiled. At first, I did not know how to answer her question, I didn’t even know if she would be able to understand my reasons. But, if I wouldn’t tell her the reasons right there, it would make me a hypocrite. And there was more than that, it would be similar as denying Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.


Because when I was born again and decided to follow Christ, the worldly things don’t matter to me any longer. Including those hanging out with friends in the mall and to any place that benefits me nothing. Most of my college friends loved hanging out, but I wasn’t always there. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I don’t say it’s evil. But the question is…is it pleasing to the eyes of the Lord? Does my going there and here and fun all day will glorify the Father? Surely, yes, if that fun is for the Lord. But it’s unlikely.

So I told her, “Well, I am busy most of the time.”

She irked her brow. “Busy at what?”

“In ministry and other church activities. Or if not, I’m busy in school of course, sometimes working on with my part-time job. But, if I’m not busy then I’m just writing something. Most importantly, I don’t enjoy outside activities, unless it’s for the ministry. That is all to it. ” I said and she just nodded her head in awe.

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Well, I’m a university student, and there are times that I have school activities during Sundays, but none of it I had attended yet. Because the JOY that I gain in worshiping the Lord every Sunday services cannot be compared to the JOY of that good grades! When it is Sunday, it is always a HAPPY DAY for me. Because it is the day wherein I can completely worship the LORD with all my heart and soul, it is His day. A BIG HAPPY DAY.

The only thing, and the best one I may add, that I can do for the Father is to avoid the worldly matters — and sooner or later, my classmates and friends would see the DIFFERENCE. The differences between my life and their life. It’s difficult, yes, especially when temptations are everywhere. But then, in God, nothing is impossible — I really love to say this — that there’s nothing impossible with God.

So what are the differences?

  • They go to beaches and clubs, I attend church monthly meetings.
  • They love worldly music, I find it annoying.
  • They use their free time after school for nothing, I use mine to attend every available activities I can attend to in the church.
  • They curse, I say nothing.
  • They laugh hard for funny jokes (and I am their laughing stock most of the time), but I laugh because that’s my character ever since I was born again.
  • When we fail a subject, they’re disappointed and sad. But I always smile and press on. As if nothing happens. They even told me that it was their first time to see someone who got failed and yet was still happy about it.
  • They wake up early in the morning for school matters, while I am always excited to wake up early for daily devotionals.
  • They don’t usually have peace…but in Him I always have.
  • They proclaim to believe in God, but their lifestyle do not say it.
  • They usually sleep or hang out on Sundays…but Sundays are my Happy days with the LORD.
Until one day, a close friend of mine came to asked me…because she wondered…and wondered…and wondered: “Neen, why are you always happy? Neen…what do you do in your church?” See????! Someone finally noticed the difference! And more…I so believed, more and more will be blessed just by noticing the differences of our lives. They will see God’s presence in me…and that is my desire.
I want to encourage my friends and classmates….that SUNDAYS are HAPPY DAYS with the LORD our GOD!
So I encourage you to go and be a blessing to everyone that you know! And sooner or later….those people around you will notice the difference.


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